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The Burgerbibliothek of Berne supports the use of its holdings and gets involved in research projects based on its holdings. As a Bernese center of competence for private archives and manuscripts, the Burgerbibliothek has started a project on long-term digital archiving and electronic data transfer.

Private archives of Hermann von Fischer


Hermann von Fischer

In a two-year project (2017–2018) the private archives of the former monument preservationist of the canton of Berne and president of the library commission of the Burgerbibliothek of Berne, Hermann von Fischer (1926–2015), will be indexed and described. The approx. 70 linear meters contain personal and professional papers as well as numerous documents regarding the bourgeois family von Fischer.

Private archives of Georg Joseph Sidler


Mathematical formula of Sidler

Georg Joseph Sidler (1831–1907) studied mathematics and astronomy at the University of Zurich. After his promotion in 1854 he was a private lecturer at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich. He later worked as a maths teacher at the Cantonal High School in Berne until 1880. Already in 1857 he joined the observatory of Berne and became private lecturer at the University of Berne, until he was nominated associate professor at the University of Berne.

Today, the private archives of Georg Joseph Sidler at the Burgerbibliothek of Berne comprise 32 archive boxes with loose sheets and notebooks as well as 76 bound manuscripts. Included in the archives are the transcripts and copies of lectures Sidler attended as a student as well as the manuscripts of the lectures he held as a university professor. The few letters contained in the archives show the scientific discussion of his time. His private archives are an important testimony of the development of the natural sciences in the 19th century. His private archives are indexed and described in a one year project (August 2017−summer 2018).