Indexing your own archive: if you want to know more …

At the Burgerbibliothek of Berne, your archives and collection will be indexed by our staff and project employees in accordance with archiving indexing standards, but interested donors can be assisted in preparing and sorting the material before handing it over to the Burgerbibliothek of Berne. On completion of the indexing process, the index, the so-called finding aid, for a freely accessible holding will be entered in the Online Archive Catalogue. In some cases a small part of the documents may not be made accessible, because it is subject to restrictions on use or is being restored or given a more detailed listing. 

Certain holdings and individual items are analysed and researched, in cooperation with private individuals and university research projects. Ongoing or completed projects include the Carolingian Physiologus latinus, the richly illustrated Prayer Book of Ursula Begerin, the extensive archives of the Economic and Charitable Society of Berne and the important legacy of Jeremias Gotthelf, along with many private archives of individuals large and small, family, society and company archives, the community archives of the Burgergemeinde of Berne and the archives  of guilds and societies. 


Online Archive Catalogue