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The Online Archive Catalogue enables you to search the holdings of the Burgerbibliothek of Berne. When you find the items that you want, you can order them online to view in the Reading Room.

Please note: not every individual document is recorded in detail in the Online Archive Catalogue. A full text search may return no hits, and it will never cover all the documents that are actually accessible. You should therefore also use the archive plan (in tree structure) to search for material on the same subject matter. You can see actual images of, among other things, digitised graphics, photographs and painted portraits, as well as manuscripts/codices.

We recommend applying the strategies of the following subsite when searching in the Online Archive Catalogue. If you are looking for a place or an object in the city of Berne, use the Quick Access to the Historical Topographic Lexicon of the City of Berne as a supplementary search-method.


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