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Burgerarchiv (Archives of the Burgergemeinde)

342 linear metres of archives and documents, 15th—21st centuries
The files from the administration of the Burgergemeinde up to 1798 are, with a few exceptions, held in the National Archives of Canton Berne, while the main files from the municipal administration up to 1852 are kept in Berne City Archives. However the documents from some committees from the first half of the 19th century are at the Burgerbibliothek of Berne. As community archives, it holds the material from all Burgergemeinde institutions and from central administration since 1852; only the archives of the DC Bank are kept separately.

Burgerkanzlei (Chancellery)
125 linear metres of archives, 17th—21st century
The Chancellery is where the business of the Burgergemeinde of Berne is done so that is where most files are generated: documents and minutes of the Larger and Lesser Councils of Burghers, marital status files, files relating to votes and elections. In addition there are files and minutes from committees that do not have associated departments, and older documents from the “Burgerkammer”, a body which preceded the Burgerkanzlei.

Domänenverwaltung (Estate Management) 
20 linear metres of archives, maps and plans, 19th—21st century 
In the Estate Management Archives are documents relating to management of property belonging to the Burgergemeinde. This applies to property that was given to the Burgergemeinde of Berne in 1852 and subsequent land purchases.

Forstbetrieb (Forestry Management)
12 linear metres of archives, maps and plans, 18th—21st century
The Forestry Management Archives, which are responsible for woodland belonging to the Burgergemeinde of Berne, consists not only of documents relating to forest management but also boundary records and contracts relating to land and easements dating back to the 18th century.

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