Private archives of individuals (N)


Jeremias Gotthelf: Die schwarze Spinne, autograph. Reference: N Jeremias Gotthelf 6 (7), p. 1

270 linear metres 
16th — 21st century

The Burgerbibliothek of Berne holds over 250 private archives of individual persons. The oldest are the papers of the painter, poet, military leader and statesman Niklaus Manuel Deutsch (1484—1530). Worthy of special note are the letters of General Hans Ludwig von Erlach (1595—1650), the field book of the geologist Hans Adrian (1890—1979), the diaries of the painter Rudolf Münger (1862—1929) and the sketchbooks of the architect Horace Edouard Davinet (1839—1922). There is a great deal of research interest in the theological and literary work of Jeremias Gotthelf (Albert Bitzius, 1797—1854). 


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