Parish Records and Genealogies


Front Page. Reference: VA BK 319

In the parish records of the Bern Minster, the baptisms and marriages of the patricians were listed as of 1530; list of deaths as of 1719. The 42 registres are copies made for the Chamber (later Chancellery of the Burgergemeinde). They are not complete, since ceremonies held outside of Berne were not always registered. For further research we therefore recommend an online consultation of the Records of a Majority of Bernese Parishes of the Canton at the State Archive of Berne.

Bernhard von Rodt (1892-1970) compiled the genealogies of old and major families of the former patricians of Berne in 7 volumes, the Genealogien Burgerlicher Geschlechter der Stadt Bern.

For further research on the history of individuals and families the
Coats of Arms of the Burgergemeinde of Berne, the Portraits at the Burgerbibliothek of Berne or a Descriptor search for persons in the Online Archive Catalogue may be useful.



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